Confession of Movie Mania

I love watching movies, very much. Every time I got free time I will watched in Movie Theater or my netbook (mostly). It’s kinda refreshing...

I love watching movies, very much. Every time I got free time I will watched in Movie Theater or my netbook (mostly). It’s kinda refreshing from everything I through on my daily activity. Sometimes my mother doesn’t`t like if I`m doing marathon movies in my room. My bad habit she said L because every time I watched, I can`t hear anything except my movie. I always set my speaker very loud so I can feel like I`m in theater. It all makes sense why her doesn`t like it, every time she needs me to help her I always can`t hear it. She must be calling me very loud and knock my door.

Not just my mother who doesn`t understand about my watching habit but my college friends too. They said: Why you always by yourself when you watching movie on theater? You don`t feel stranger or uncomfortable when everyone staring at you? What about doesn`t have friend to share after watched that movie? Are you not worried about that? I just said: WHAT? What are you talking about? It`s fine. Everyone doesn`t staring but if they does it doesn`t matter. The matter is, am I enjoyed the movie or not? It just I care about. Sometimes I asked people to go out to watch movie together if she or he have the same taste with me.

You know what they said after?
They said: Please don`t tell me you want to be alone because you haven`t a boyfriend who can come along with you? Or you don`t like people maybe? And I answered: Oh please, spent time with boyfriend isn`t the reason I walk to the theater. I want to watch movie right? If I have a boyfriend who has the same taste, I will. Unfortunately, I am single so I`ll do it by myself. I have tried to go out and watched with some of you, but didn`t work like I thought about.

I learn something from my experience go out with people and watch together with them who doesn`t have the same taste genre with you. If your purpose to have fun with them please do it. But, if your purpose to refresh your mind and get relax yourself like me, please don`t do that. Just go and watch by yourself or person who really has the same purpose with you. It`s your life and your happiness. The happiness depends on you. Maybe in their mind you are a selfish or antisocial person, but doesn`t matter. If they are really your friends, they`ll understand you. The different makes beautiful right? 

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